Founded in 2007, we are an income-focused real estate investment firm centered on providing stable, yield-producing investments to our clients. With hundreds of clients throughout the US and internationally, we take an active, personalized approach to portfolio management. This, combined with our conservative investment philosophy, results in our proven track record. Our principals have a track record of success with over $100 million in performing assets under management and a lifelong history of client performance and satisfaction.




Chief Executive Officer

Chad’s passion for creating personal wealth is outweighed only by his desire to share this knowledge with others. With a background in management consulting, portfolio management, and business development, Chad brings a unique mix of business acumen to the real estate industry. His leadership has driven the company’s growth since 2007, having doubled the portfolio’s investment value in a few short years to more than $100 million. As Chief Executive Officer, Chad’s acute ability to understand current and future marketplace trends is foundational to the firm’s ongoing success.




Chief Operating Officer

Dan’s obsession with client satisfaction steers the continuous improvement and evolution of the company’s operations to ensure investments are performing as expected and that clients are pleased with this performance. As Chief Operating Officer, Dan oversees 37th Parallel’s real estate acquisition, renovation and sales processes, while managing the company’s strategic internal projects to grow the portfolio. Dan also manages the company’s field partners across several states and disciplines, while propelling the firm’s teaching and coaching program for its staff and partners.